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Walking Routes
My favourite places for a walk. Some fast, some slow. Some short, some long.
Includes Walking Diary describing my walks with This Month as they happen.
The Walking Info page provides local information and useful links.
Photo Album
All the photos in the Walking Diary and more which couldn't be included.
Go directly to the Latest Page. Also access to the Bus Photos and Lakeside Railway albums.
Bus Museum
A former bus conductor's collection.
Ticket machines, tickets, timetables, badges and items from throughout the 20th century.
Bus Photos
A selection of old photos of buses and photos of old buses.
Including Hants & Dorset, King Alfred, Southampton City Transport, Southern Vectis and many more. Click here for the Latest Event or here for Registrations so you can check a registration to see if I have a photo of a particular vehicle.
Hold Tight!
A sixteen year journey from Winchester to Southampton.
The story of my job as a bus conductor from 1967 to 1983.
Also available in pdf format from the Hold Tight! title page.
My History
What I've done, in and out of work. A list of my jobs and other activities.
In schools and in the home - the Atom, the BBC and the Electron.
Many people's first contact with computing.
From the PET to the 128D, my own introduction to home computing.
Computers, peripherals and software.
A home computing family history.
My collection of Sinclair computers, peripherals and software.
Personal Computer News. The complete set, every issue, every cover, all the contents lists.
More computer magazines, mostly for Commodore machines.
Adding a little addition. A number of mechanical adding machines and other arithmetical aids.
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Information on how to navigate around this website.
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